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Dehumidification and Humidification Services in El Paso

We are the First and ONLY to Offer Direct Heat Drying in El Paso.

We offer several methods of drying. Every loss is different in size and scope, so is the wide range of equipment we can provide to dry out your property as quickly as possible.

It is not surprising then that the demand for dehumidification services is rising. Here are some other important reasons why:

1) The cost of replacing building materials, furnishings, carpeting, wall coverings, and labor has increased dramatically, forcing builders and insurance carriers—particularly those who deal in large commercial structures—to consider other, less costly alternatives.

2) Dehumidification takes less time than replacement and frequently requires little, if any, disruption of the physical environment—a feature that is particularly attractive to businesses since lost wages are not covered by most insurance policies. Normal business activity can continue without interruption or can be resumed in a matter of a hours, not weeks.

3) Dehumidification reduces the risk of many of the health related problems associated with indoor air quality. Recent studies show that high humidity provides a favorable medium for the survival and rapid growth of such biological contaminants as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mites, and that excessive moisture can create certain chemical interactions with substances that are used in building and decorating materials. These scenarios are potential time bombs that insurance companies, property managers/owners and risk managers must eliminate.

Remove unwanted moisture and precisely control humidity levels with our portable dehumidifiers.

Our dehumidifier services will help speed up construction completion, prevent mold, mildew, and other allergens, and restore flood damaged buildings quickly and efficiently.

Dehumidification of moist air is a somewhat new technology in the field of disaster recovery. In the past, most large-scale drying jobs were handled with open windows and blowers to dry out saturated areas. Tightly sealed buildings of today require a high tech approach to moisture removal. State of the art powerful commercial drying equipment can now convert a vapor (i. e. humidity) into a solid and remove as much as 200 gallons of water a day, saving a building and its contents with great success.

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